How do Writers Influence Reality?

Dr. Cynthia Miller
3 min readFeb 28, 2021


Even though I’ve published five books, I never felt like a writer. I felt more like an imposter. I’ve been writing bits and pieces and books for years, each one hidden in a different part of my computer. It never occurred to me that I could be an author; it was way out of my league, beyond the realm of possibility.

For decades I was afraid to put my internal wisdom and vision into print; like being etched in stone, it felt permanent. I knew it would change, and I didn’t want to be tied to an old version of who I am.

Now, something’s shifting internally; I’m embodying being an author.

After writing my memoir, exposing my deepest darkest hidden secrets to pen and paper, new freedom arises.

I’m seeing my role as an author radically transforming. I am a spokesperson, leading my readers down a specific path, triggering new neural synapses to fire, and connecting previously discordant areas of the brain. My writing style exposes glimpses into the worlds of cells, DNA, and the collective unconscious.

But then I wonder, do I want to be stuck on one path? Like a painter who’s afraid to abandon what she knows and leap to a new art form, I don’t want to commit to one track of exploration — only write about one thing, one genre, one topic, so I don’t lose my readers.

My responsibility is to share my truth, not the patriarchal culture ideas, but what I know in my bones, the river of intuition that runs through my blood: my current reality truth, way of seeing the world which will change and evolve. I’m opening to another role as an author, telling my truth. Writing my memoir was a conscious process to rewrite my life. Each horror digested fully, embraced, and ultimately honored and thanked. Understanding how it kept me safe, hid my brilliance and kept me in a 3-D structure of reality.

It’s time to expose and expand beyond the 3-D structure of reality. I have no idea where the path into the void will lead. There are so many inner and outer worlds to explore, how can I pick only one? My commitment as an author is to write what is authentic for me at the moment. I know it will change over time; I am evolving daily.

As storytellers, we are creating reality. What’s your deep heart inner knowing have to say? What hidden mysteries are longing to come out and be shared with the world? It’s scary as hell to expose deep inner knowing, and yet there is nothing else to do.

The world is in chaos, disruption, and massive change. A new seed is sprouting up, bursting through the ancient cement of the old paradigm. These seeds, each tiny plant, offers something needed to build a new conscious reality.

As writers, we are molding, shaping human consciousness. Like the sculpture that creates a head out of a lump of clay, we are the spin doctors putting our unique version on reality. What do we want to envision?

Each of our written posts, articles, or books are seeds sprouting a new seeing, awakening, a beam of light. No matter what we write, our word sequences create specific sets of neurons to fire, setting up a unique neural pathway in our reader’s body-mind.

Consciously or unconsciously, every word we write is creating reality. We are oracles whose words ripple through the land, making waves of change.

Can you imagine what a spectacular reality we can create? What is your piece? We can’t see the whole without everyone contributing their part; like a multidimensional jigsaw puzzle, we each help build the fantastic tapestry of a new reality. What’s the dream that’s hiding in your inner knowing?

Send out the message, call in your tribe, the ones to make magic with, your cohorts in creating a joyous, magnificent world for all.

We are the scribes, forging a path, envisioning the future, writing the books of our time, the creators of future worlds.

Your authentic voice is necessary. Write on!



Dr. Cynthia Miller

A visionary, pathbreaker, & leader in Cellular Transformation & Conscious Multidimensional Evolution; author of Unseen Connections: A Memoir