Do You Hear a Ringing in Your Ears?

Dr. Cynthia Miller
2 min readJul 21, 2021


How to protect yourself from low-frequency blasts.

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One of the symptoms of evolving is a ringing in your ears; you’re awakening to frequencies beyond the 3-D bandwidth. Unfortunately, many people haven’t learned how to decipher the messages and think everything they receive is for the highest good since it’s from another dimension. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Each dimension has high and low bandwidths of frequencies and unique receiving devices. Remember all the ways we have received news and information over the past years, phones, radios, TVs, videos, and now computers and microchips. The ringing in your ears is a much more sophisticated broadcast system.

Imagine a TV connected to various money programs. One channel says you can get rich quickly by screwing others. Another program broadcasts your unworthiness, that you aren’t enough, and of no value. Another has presentations about following your heart, listening to your intuition to build your business. You can tune in to the lowest or the highest frequencies of each dimension.

Great discernment is needed. Guides appear to help you, but what is their message? Doom and gloom, warnings and fear, or practical advice? Your body knows the truth. Does your body relax, open, feel joyful, then what you’re receiving is most likely the truth for you? Do you feel afraid, scrunched down, shallow breathing, then you can assume it’s not the correct information for you.

Build your own cell tower

Many people are bombarded daily with waves of low frequencies. Create your own cell tower that only allows frequencies that support your cells, nervous system, body, and spiritual awakening.

Imagine your body is held in a cocoon of safety. Set up a field of love and safety around your body so that your receivers only accept frequencies for your highest good, on all dimensions, timelines, past, present, and future. Each of your receivers has an energetic mirror shining outward. When signals of fear and distress enter your energy field they hit the mirrors and are sent back to their originators. Like feng shui, energetic mirrors deflect negative energies.

Low-frequency receivers transmit fear, panic, doom, and gloom while siphoning off life force energy. Setting up a cell tower of energetic mirrors or unplugging the receivers on every dimension brings tremendous relief. Unseen attack diminishes, joy and inner freedom expand.

Stay tuned to your body as you learn to decode the messages.

This is a snippet from my upcoming book, The Inner (R)Evolution: Claim your power. Transform reality.

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